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Special Report: Amber Waves to Muddy Waters

December 6, 2011

Special report preview and podcast: From Amber Waves to Muddy Waters

The environmental threat of the Minnesota River


Story: Carp defense not happening on Minnesota

Add giant flying carp to the list of potential dangers to the Minnesota River.

Intense efforts are under way to keep the invasive Asian carp out of Minnesota waters. The fish, which can reach monster size and some which jump into the air when startled, are moving up the Mississippi. State and federal officials, with a mandate by the Legislature, are devising plans to halt or at least slow their migration.

But some say the plans largely ignore keeping the carp out of the Minnesota River.

Story: Alliances may help move the river cleanup discussion

For the past year, a group of conservationists has been inviting farmers to “Friendship Tours” along the Minnesota River and down to Lake Pepin on the Mississippi.

The idea is simple: Get the two sides to talk to each other, find some common ground and lay the groundwork for a working relationship to help determine the problems of the Minnesota River and work together for solutions.


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Special Report: Amber Waves to Muddy Waters