The Free Press, Mankato, MN


June 20, 2012

Like father, like daughter on basketball court


Q: What role did your mom, Wanda, play in encouraging you at sports?

TC: My mom was the glue to our family. The cool thing is that my mom actually ran track, so she was pretty quick, and she played tennis. So, sports was in our genes for sure. I remember days when we would take family walks and my mom would challenge us to run home. For whatever reason, I was always the last one.

Q: Research shows playing sports helps young women with their body image. Has it helped you?

TC: I am very confident on and off the court because the body I have has allowed me to have a great career. Although I've fought through some injuries, being able to bounce back and work hard to get back on the court has been something important to me.

Q: Do you think a female athlete needs to "play like a guy" to be successful?

TC: I don't think we have to "play like a guy" to be successful, but when women are successful, automatically people try to find a male comparison to them. I don't know why it's like that.

Q: You were recently the subject of a story that showed that pay for WBNA players was much lower than pay for NBA players. What do you think about that?

TC: That's a touchy subject no matter what, because when you start talking about money, it's just difficult. We're still in the pioneering stages of the WNBA (founded in 1996.) I hope that over time, the ladies will be able to make more money in this sport. But until then, we can't complain over something that won't change this season. I love what I do and am thankful that I get to play in the WNBA in front of my family, friends and fans.


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