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September 14, 2012

Update: Hoffner attorney wants access to evidence



Deeann Snaza, MSU assistant director of human resources, had told investigators that another video was on the telephone that showed the children doing a skit that was similar to one of the other videos, except they were wearing clothing. She also reported there were photos of the children nude in a bathtub.

That affidavit also reveals audio, which Fleming was possibly referring to during Friday’s hearing, from one of the girls and an adult male voice in the video where the girls expose their anuses and the boy fondles himself. The description of what was said wasn’t included in the two affidavits used to request search warrants for Hoffner’s house and car.

“The audio has a portion where one of the juvenile girls says, ‘Dad, that’s not the show, make him do it right,’ the latest affidavit says. “The male voice says, ‘Do it over.’”

The affidavit also said the IT employee first noticed a picture of a “40-year-old naked adult male jumping off a boat skinny dipping” before finding videos of the children on the MSU cellphone.

Hanson declined to comment after Hoffner's hearing Friday.

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