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May 1, 2014

Update: Waseca press conference: unimaginable tragedy avoided (video)

Authorities said an "unimaginable tragedy" was avoided by the foiling of a plot to bomb Waseca junior and senior high school and with the arrest of 17- year old suspect John David LaDue Thursday.

Captain Kris Markeson of the Waseca Police Department said authorities believe LaDue was acting alone. As he spoke, Markeson was visibly shaken.

For a video of the press conference click here.

Press conference continued link

Third press conference link

For a video of parents of children at school click here.

Waseca school Superintendent Thomas Lee asked media and others to give students and the suspect's family space they need. He said LaDue was known to school officials but there were no major issues with him. Teachers tried to reach out to him, Lee said, but he was shy.

Markeson said he was disturbed by the amount of guns and other material LaDue obtained. He said he couldn't divulge if specific students were targeted in LaDue's plot.

Markeson said he believes LaDue would have succeeded with school attack had he not been caught. He was fully prepared and ready to go.

Waseca Mayor Roy Srp said because of the diligence of a citizen reporting the suspicious circumstance of LaDue and his storage space, a real catastrophe was avoided.

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