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June 24, 2014

Update: LaDue: "I think I'm really mentally ill." (video)


"I didn't want to prove that I was a wuss like all the other recent shooters, like Adam Lanza who shot himself. I wanted like to be taken down by the SWAT just to show that I wasn't a wimp and not like willing to fight with equal force," LaDue said.

When asked why he planned to kill his family before his attack, LaDue said his family had done nothing wrong but he wanted to have "as many victims as possible."

The transcript also said LaDue stated he never harmed any animals but fantasized about exploding certain "annoying dogs."

LaDue's mother

According to the April 29 report about the initial police interview with LaDue's mother, Stephanie, she said there had been nothing to make her suspicious of her son and said she occasionally went into his room. Police seized firearms, explosive materials and bombs from his bedroom.

"She stated that she had no concerns about John. She stated there were no arguments, behavior changes or anything that caused her concern," the police report said.

She told police she knew her son was into shooting guns at the range. She said she was told the various packages he received were related to those activities.

She also informed officers her husband, David, said he was not interested in leaving the house after police notified them of a possible active bomb there. She said her husband and her son shared an avid interest in firearms.

LaDue videos; suspect posts

LaDue shot a video of his test CO2 cartridge explosives on a playground slide at Oak Park, according to the May 5 search warrants included in the filings.

He allegedly posted several other small videos with him detonating other makeshift explosives, holding a lighter flame to his hand and playing a game involving rapidly stabbing a knife in the gaps between his fingers while singing.

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