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August 14, 2013

News & Comment: shutdown. High school sports. Are they too expensive?


What I have discovered is that most technical support people have never worked as a journalist. You get a little testy with them about a thing called a deadline and it's like you're from another planet.

But I digress.

If the Chinese can shutdown, NSA phone tapping of American citizens is the least of our worries.

On to a totally unrelated subject.

Every fall, we ramp up the high school sports coverage. This year is no different. We're preparing our high school football "tab" previewing dozens of teams in the Mankato region.

We take great effort to put this beast out. It involves our small staff contacting dozens of football coaches, athletic directors and others to make sure we get schedules, stories and team photos.

And every year I hear form those few curmudgeons who can't believe how much schools spend on athletics. They've tried to get schools to break out the costs of athletics, the uniforms, the salaries, and even the light bill to light the football field every friday night.

A taxpayer concern to be sure, but I always tell these people I don't see a general uprising or even a mild Wednesday lunch hour protest against this spending even with the rise of groups like the tea party.

People love their high school sports. So does most of the community. It's Americana that is not going to go away soon.

Ok, that's my stick-my-neck out prediction for today. :)


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