The Free Press, Mankato, MN


February 20, 2014

Business brisk at Mankato's first e-cig store


Recently the past president of the American Lung Association, Charles Connor, said e-cigarettes may be “the breakthrough product” that stomps out conventional cigarettes.

Connor, who headed the Lung Association from 2008 to 2012, joined the Electronic Cigarette Industry Group as a paid consultant.

“I tried all my life to get my mother off smoking, without success,” Connor told U.S. News. “I just buried her in December due to the failure of her lungs, undoubtedly due to cigarettes. I am deeply committed to eliminating tobacco cigarettes from the American scene.”

With millions of adults switching over in part or entirely from conventional to e-cigarettes, Connor says they may be “the breakthrough product that gives the smoker an alternative.”

Ecig Crib is next to Hancock Fabric in the Hobby Lobby strip mall. Ecig Crib ( also has two shops in the Twin Cities and one in Superior, Wis.



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