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February 24, 2014

On the move

Piepho Moving & Storage a family business


“I think the economy’s improving,” said Mark. “I’ve been involved with this business all of my life. My father used to say, ‘if the economy is good, business is good and if the economy was so-so, then the business was slow.’ So it’s kind of always been one or the other. If business was so–so, that didn’t necessarily mean a recession but we want the economy moving along more than just so–so.”

Computerization has also altered the moving industry as many people no longer need to move to be near their jobs. Computers allow for the ability to connect to employers without ever having to leave home.

“That’s not to say computers are a bad thing. Computers have also improved our business. They assist us with keeping track of bookings and shipments. I’ve learned a bit about geography over the years. It used to be that you spent time looking at maps to see where your customers wanted to go and now I merely look it up on the computer. They save a lot of time for us. The only thing a computer can’t do is load the furniture.”

Piepho recommends people look for movers who are certified as a moving company. He encourages people who are considering a move to check the mover’s interstate and state credentials, as well as with the U.S Department of Transportation. Movers who are affiliated with a major van line or moving company should have a solid reputation but it doesn’t hurt to double check. Also look to see if the company under consideration has been established for a number of years.

“I think the key component in choosing which moving company to go with, is in having an actual agent come to the home or business and provide the customer with an actual written estimate of what the move will cost,” Mark said. “Often times, people will get quotes through the Internet but they haven’t actually seen anybody from the company and the company hasn’t even seen their stuff. That type of business interaction can be subject to a lot of problems even if the company is legit. I look at it this way, if I haven’t really seen the place I don’t really know what it is the customer has to move. I think meeting the perspective clients is essential, which is what I do. When an agent comes out to write up a quote, they are the first impression of that business for trustworthiness, reliability and a positive outcome.”

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