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January 12, 2014

For optimistic Zierdt, the fight is on

GMG president dealing with cancer diagnosis


His surgery Monday will go after the racquetball-size growth on his kidney, a potentially dangerous mass to work around because of its unique packaging. (Kidney cancers such as this come surrounded by a sack of fluid that, if punctured, can release cancerous cells to the bloodstream.)

After that, he'll have his second surgery planned, this time for the lump on his prostate.

If all goes well, it's possible that two surgeries would be the end of it. But part of the problem with Zierdt's condition is the number of unknowns. They don't know how deadly the kidney cancer is. He also has enlarged lymph nodes, so those will need to be examined. Finally, he's got a few nodules on his lungs. On their own, they are of little concern. But because he also has kidney cancer, the concern is elevated. The kidneys, it turns out, favor the lungs when they decide to spread. Which would not be good.

So stay tuned.


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