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January 27, 2014

Siding with their clients

Boelters focus on quality and customer service


MVB: What areas are your clients generally from?

Ron: On average, we work within a 45-mile radius of Madison Lake. However, we also complete jobs as far away as 85 or 100 miles, too.

MVB: Is there a drawback to working out of your own home?

Ron: I’ve been working out of here for 32 years. Well, 33 years come this spring. I guess a drawback of working out of your place of residence is that you are always here.

Jodie: I don’t have to drive into work when the weather is bad but then I don’t get out of work either if it snows.

MVB: Is there a time of year when you are unable to work due to weather?

Ron: We try to work year around. Unless it gets really cold or it is really snowy, then there isn’t much we can do. Sometimes people believe they don’t get as good of a job done in the winter. I tell them you get just as good a job in the winter. It just takes us longer because of the cold weather. But we do try to keep the crews busy year around. These guys have families, they want to work.

MVB: What’s unique about your showroom?

Ron: Our customers enjoy coming out here and seeing all of our products in a real setting. All of our steel roofs, the siding, windows, and patio doors are available for them to see and touch in a real setting, rather than in someone’s show room.

Jodie: I guess you could say we have a live showroom.

MVB: What is the best part about owning your own business?

Ron: I would say the best part is in being able to work with the guys you want to work with. In particular, I’m fairly fussy. I want to make sure that I have guys like that on my crew, guys who care about the quality of their work. I feel it is very pleasing to go and look at a job my company has done, to be able to take pride in the finished product.

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