The Free Press, Mankato, MN

July 14, 2011

City may step in for inspections

The Free Press

MANKATO — The Mankato City Council has scheduled a special meeting at noon Monday to consider an emergency ordinance to adopt the Minnesota Electrical Act to help move along stalled projects.

Under state law, new electrical installation (construction, remodeling, replacement or repair) must be inspected for compliance and safety purposes. Since the state has been shut down, these inspections have not taken place, delaying construction. Cities can pass an ordinance to authorize the inspections within its jurisdiction to keep construction projects moving forward.

If approved, the city of Mankato will contract with state licensed master or journeyman electricians. State statute requires these contractors do not have a financial interest in a business and are not engaged or employed in the sale, installing, altering, or repairing of electrical wiring, apparatus, or equipment for light, heat, power and other purposes.

Fees will off-set costs associated with the city’s temporary administration of these inspections. The ordinance being considered by the City Council will end once the state budget is resolved.

The meeting is in the Minnesota River Room of the Intergovernmental Center.