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State budget: a closer look

July 2, 2011

State shutdown: Q&A with local legislators


Could you support tax increases on high-income Minnesotans if it breaks the impasse and allows for a quick end to the government shutdown?

Rosen: “Absolutely not.

It’s unnecessary. It would take us to the highest level in the nation. It puts us out of the league. If you’re holding out for that you’re putting the whole state on strike. Increases in revenue, yes, this income tax was never going to work.”

DeKruif: “No. That sounds easy to do, beat up 2 percent of the people. I haven’t voted for a tax increase on anybody.”

Parry: “No.”

Cornish: “No. I’m not against increasing revenue.

But if you tax somebody when there’s no reason to, I just can’t support it.”

Gruenhagen: “ You’re asking me a hypothetical without knowing the details. ...

It’s like marrying a mailorder bride. I don’t answer hypotheticals.”

In addition, Democrats were asked:
Could you support a budget that uses only accounting shifts and budget cuts to eliminate the shortfall if that’s what was required to break the impasse and bring a quick end to the shutdown?

Sheran: “I’m willing to accept some of what the Republicans are offering in one-time funding shifts, but I don’t think it’s responsible to have planned budget deficits for the next biennium.”

Morrow: “I would consider it, but as it stands right now, that’s a very troubling way to resolve the situation — to borrow against the future. Any solution that causes us to borrow — especially against our schools — causes me deep reservations.”

Brynaert: “ That’s accepting the majority’s current proposal. That’s not a negotiated settlement.”

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State budget: a closer look