The Free Press, Mankato, MN


February 2, 2013

Krohn: Home is where the stockpile is


It has to be frustrating being a prepper because you never actually get to prove you are right or get to use all the nifty skills you’ve learned, or eat the vats of Great Northern beans you have stored in the root cellar next to the Jerrycans full of kerosene.

The country has gone through great depressions, great recessions, epidemics, Nazi and Soviet attempts to take over the world and Richard Simmons — and yet we just keep functioning as a basically law and order society, fully capable of stocking grocery shelves and producing electricity.

The survivalists have to feel like all those people who sold all their belongings, told their in-laws what they really thought of them and then went on the hilltop to wait for the end of the world to hit on a specific date, only to wake up the next morning in the same old world with no money and relatives who are now so not going to help them.

Of course, unlike the end-of-the-earth types, the survivalists still have a nice bunker and canned chicken left whether the country collapses or not.

Tim Krohn is a Free Press staff writer. He can be contacted at 344-6383 or

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