The Free Press, Mankato, MN


November 3, 2012

Ojanpa: Trick-or-treat is a two-way street



* A little girl says, “Trick or treat,” but as I move to put a Snickers in her bag she balks.

 “I don’t want that,” she says.

She stands on her toes, grabs the rim of my candy pail and peers inside. Aha. Twix.

“I want THAT one,” she demands.

Kid’s going to be a handful some day.

n A boy comes to the door wearing a bush on his head and similar bushes attached to his outstretched arms. He answers before I can ask.

“I’m a bonsai tree,” he says proudly.

I tell him, “I’m fresh out of Miracle-Gro but how about a Butterfinger instead.”

He thanks me.

“You’re welcome,” I say. “And stay away from that dog over there, Tree Boy. Know what I mean?”


Brian Ojanpa is a Free Press staff writer. Call him at 344-6316 or email


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