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November 1, 2011

November Starline: Observe all the planets this month




The Leonids meteor shower is the best shower of November and one of the best showers of the year. This year it is predicted to peak in the early hours of November 17. Unfortunately the same waning gibbous moon that spoils the North Taurids will brighten the sky around the constellation Leo, the radiant point for the Leonids. If you see any meteors you can guess that they are Leonids if they are very fast.


It was the evening of November 30, 1609 when Galileo first started drawing the moon as seen through his telescope. The moon was a waxing crescent. This year on the last day of November the night sky is similar to the sky Galileo saw.  The moon phase is a waxing crescent and Jupiter is rising in the east in the evening just as it was for Galileo. 


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