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February 16, 2009

Wedding Announcement

To ensure that a complete announcement of your wedding appears in the Sunday edition of The Free Press, please complete and submit this form to our Celebrations editor. A professional-quality photo of the couple may accompany this form.  Announcements will be taken no more than six months after the wedding date. In addition, printed forms for wedding and engagements are available for anyone preferring to use them. They may be obtained by stopping in the Free Press newsroom or writing to Currents, P.O. Box 3287, Mankato, MN 56001. For more information, call 344-6356. Photographs submitted through mail with wedding and engagement stories will be returned if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is included, or they may be picked up in the newsroom.

Placing a wedding notice in The Free Press costs $28.50. It includes publication of a black-and-white photograph and five copies of the Sunday edition in which the announcement is published. These copies MUST be picked up at the office within five (5) days of publication.


Bride (her name before wedding): *required field


Bride's parents' names and addresses:

Bride's high school (city, year graduated):

Bride's college (city, year graduated):

Bride's occupation:

Bridegroom: *required field

Bridegrooms parents' names and addresses:

Bridegroom's high school: (city, year graduated)

Bridegroom's college (city, year graduated)

Bridegroom's occupation:

Date of Wedding:* required field

Time:*required field

Place: *required field

Marriage performed by: *required field

Reception: (where)

Wedding Trip:

Residence after Wedding:

Maid  or

Matron of Honor



Flower Girl:

Best Man:


Information submitted by: *required field


Phone number of person submitting: *required field

Photograph submitted: Yes  No

NOTE: There is a $28.50 fee for placing this announcement. Our staff will contact you regarding payment)

How many additional copies of the paper would you like? Five copies will be provided for free

(our staff will contact you regarding payment in the event you want additional copies)

To submit photos, send email to: 

Identify the subjects in the photograph in the Subject line of the email.


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