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February 1, 2013

Our View: Online opinion case lasted too long



Community should embrace youth event

Thumbs up

To the organizers  and supporters of the Community Summit on Youth for their efforts to engage the community and region in this important topic.

Youth Voice and the YWCA has been busy the last year getting feedback from area youth about what it’s like to grow up in the Mankato area. The first youth summit will offer the community a chance to hear what the groups have learned and start a health conversation about youth and their future in the region.

The Otto Bremer Foundation also deserves recognition for supporting Youth Voice with a $75,000 donation the first year and $125,000 for each of the next two years. Youth Voice aims to make the Mankato area “the very best place for youth to live and group up,” according to Bonnie Stanton of Youth Voice.

The group has been conducting listening sessions through schools and clubs and the information from these sessions as well as recent youth research from Minnesota State University.

For years, Mankato area residents have heard that youth have trouble finding healthy activities in Mankato. This summit should shed some light on that subject and be a rallying point for doing something about it.


Mayor Ed Koch rebuilt, personified New York

Thumbs up

To Ed Koch, the feisty, colorful Democrat who served three terms as New York’s mayor and was internationally known, especially for his foreign-policy priorities.

He died Friday at age 88. Koch took over when the city was in financial ruin with high crime running rampant.He replaced the patronage system of judges and launched a $5 billion government-funded program to rebuild a city gutted by arson.

He was best known for his blunt but affable style, which sometimes made people laugh and other times got him in trouble. He was the personification of Bronx-style politics. A long-time friend said: “He was New York.”

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