The Free Press, Mankato, MN


March 8, 2014

Plenty of options for Sunday liquor


Christie gets it right

Thumbs up to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, urged his fellow Republicans to “start talking about what we’re for and not what we’re against.”

Conservatives gave Christie the cold shoulder at last year’s event so how much influence he has on them may be limited. But this is advice Republicans should be heeding regardless of its origin. The confrontational, government-is-bad approach works short term, but it’s hard to rally behind because it offers nothing for comparison. Government is bad compared to what? No government? Stop spending. OK, where and why? What are the priorities the Republican Party can embrace as its platform for progress.

In other words, after you’ve burned it down, what’s left besides the ashes? The GOP has a great opportunity to offer a different outcome if they can just articulate the path.

Down with ‘upskirt’ pics

Thumbs down to a seemingly bizarre ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court that held that taking pictures up a woman’s skirt when she doesn’t know it is perfectly legal.

The court ruled that a Boston trolley rider caught sneaking such shots could not be charged because one of the five criteria for being a “peeping Tom” was that “the subject was another person who was nude or partially nude,” and the women whose photos showed up on his cellphone were, as is typical of patrons of public transportation, dressed.

Legislative leaders in Massachusetts vow to close that loophole. It might behoove Minnesota’s Legislature to check the wording of this state’s statutes on the subject as well.

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