The Free Press, Mankato, MN


March 15, 2014

Our View: MSU sports success impressive

Thumbs up to Minnesota State University basketball and hockey teams for once again finishing strong competitive seasons and entering the playoffs with good prospects for continuing.

Minnesota men’s and women’s basketball teams and men’s hockey challenged their rivals up to the end and the men’s teams will be hosting big playoff tournaments this weekend.

Maverick hockey finished one-point out of first place in the newly formed WCHA this year and men’s basketball for the second time in a row won the Northern Sun Conference Title as well as the Northern Sun tournament. Maverick basketball has made the national tournament nine of the last 10 years. Their record this year once again puts them as the No. 1 seed hosting the regional tournament at Bresnan Arena.

MSU hockey will begin the WCHA tournament hosting Northern Michigan, a team that finished in the bottom half of the WCHA in seventh place. With only a handful of seniors, MSU became more consistent as the season progressed and came very close to winning their first MacNaughton Cup that goes to the regular season winner of the WCHA.

Mankato sports fans are fortunate to have such high quality, competitive, exciting teams playing for championships. The games this weekend will be well worth the price of admission.

Law changes positive on hit-and-run

Thumbs up to the legislative push to change the state’s hit-and-run law. The Amy Senser hit-and-run conviction highlighted a need to change some legislative wording. Senser claimed she thought she hit a construction cone and left the scene without checking.

The Minnesotans for Safe Driving group wants the law changed to make it the driver’s responsibility to know whether he or she hit a person, property or another vehicle, rather than placing the burden of proof on the prosecutor. And it wants to substitute the word “accident” — which may imply lack of control — with “collision” a more neutral term.

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