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September 21, 2013

United Way right to focus on caregivers

The Mankato Free Press

---- — Thumbs up to the Greater Mankato Area United Way’s 2014 focus on supporting caregivers.

The group kicked off its campaign season Friday with a goal of raising just more than $2 million.

While the United Way supports a broad section of local nonprofits, this year’s special focus on caregivers is timely and important.

In the coming decade, the number of people over 65 will rise dramatically. At the same time, those baby boomers had smaller families, meaning there simply aren’t enough children caregivers available when a parent becomes frail. That means nonprofits will be looked to to provide more of that care and to support those who are caregivers.

DQ manager’s act a treat to see

Thumbs up to the 19-year-old DQ store manager in Hopkins who refused to serve a customer who picked up and wouldn’t return a $20 bill dropped by a visually impaired customer.

Manager Joey Prusak watched the customer who snatched up the dropped money and slipped it into her purse. When she arrived at the counter to order, he asked that she return the money to the other customer. She refused. He told her not to come into his store again.

And to top if off, he took $20 of his own and gave it to the customer who lost the money. Prusak likely isn’t the only young manager who would take such admirable action, but the fact that he quietly did gives us all a reason to think about what we’d do or ask our kids what they would do.

It was also a great thing that another customer witnessed everything and made sure Prusak’s bosses, and the company, were aware of his ethical action.

House GOP obstructs on budget

Thumbs down to the House of Representatives GOP caucus for once again obstructing the budget process by attaching a bill to defund the Affordable Care Act with the continuing resolution to fund the government, thereby creating the threat of a government shutdown.

It’s unfortunate Speaker John Boehner is allowing this nonsense to continue. He as much as admitted the vote was symbolic so some members of his caucus could be on the record to vote to defund the health care reform measure. Sadly, that has been the typical mode of operation for the House GOP and its leadership.

They’ve now voted some 40 plus times to defund the health care law to no avail. And everyone, even GOP Sen. John McCain, knows their efforts are to no avail and a waste of time.

The House GOP has given much less attention to GOP alternative health care reform plans, the most recent of which was introduced earlier this week. If the House GOP spent as much time trying to amend the ACA or offer their own version as they have taking symbolic, ridiculous votes, they might eventually be come to known as the traditional Republican Party — that of business and efficiency.

Editorial Board

Trail signs a help to visitors

Thumbs up to those involved in the trail signs recently installed at intersections of the Minnesota, Minneopa, and Red Jacket trails. These signs make it easy for visitors and residents to navigate the great trail system we are fortunate to enjoy.

Like so many things in our community, the signs are the result of hours of work and collaboration between several entities, including the cities of Mankato and North Mankato, Blue Earth County and Nicollet County, Visit Mankato, City Center Partnership, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Southern Minnesota Poets Society and Greater Mankato Bike and Walk Advocates.

If you haven’t seen the signs, take a ride/walk/run on the trails and check them out.

Karen Christy, secretary

Greater Mankato Bike and Walk Advocates