The Free Press, Mankato, MN


August 9, 2013

IronKids showed success

Thumbs up to the success of the first HyVee IronKids triathlon at North Mankato's Spring Lake Park last weekend which drew 160 participants, ages 6-15.

Kids participated in the event which involved swimming 300 yards, biking eight miles, and running two miles for 12 year olds. Other age groups were challenged with varying degrees physical activities. HyVee sponsors 20 such kid triathlons across the Midwest each year with the goal of engaging kids in healthy activities.

The kids were impressive. Some 12-year olds completed 300 yards of water and 10 miles of land in less than an hour. Winners will be able to compete in a regional competition in Des Moines later this month.

These kinds of events are not only fun for participants and watchers, they obviously promote healthy activities and encourage young people to be active and stay active, probably for the rest of their lives.

Speeder risked public safety

Thumbs down to the driver in the Mankato Patrol District clocked at nearly 150 mph during a statewide crackdown of speeders last month.

A 41-year-old Darwin man was traveling at 148 mph on a county road near Hutchinson when he was stopped. Yes, he was driving a Mustang and Mustangs are cool cars that can go really fast, but he and other drivers who excessively driver over the speed limit are no longer in control of their vehicles.

How can you even see what might possibly cross your path, whether it be an animal, a child or another motorist, when you are driving that fast? They're putting their own lives at stake as well as other people's.

Obviously the thrill is more important than safety to these drivers. State records reveal that speed has contributed to 243 traffic deaths in Minnesota from 2010 to 2012.

The Darwin man had other speeding tickets and two convictions for drunken driving. Let's hope the judge takes his license away.

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