The Free Press, Mankato, MN


October 28, 2013

Halloween costumes need not be offensive


Probably the most frightening thing about Halloween this year is that it falls on a Thursday night, typically one of the busiest nights of the week in Mankato as college-age people flock downtown to the bars. The mobs of people dressed up walking like zombies from bar to bar should not only use discretion in their costume choice (offensive costumes would be just one more reason to pick a fight in an already volatile atmosphere), but they need to not go overboard in celebrating what is meant to be a lighthearted night. There’s no trick to getting smashed like a pumpkin found in an alley on Nov. 1.

Adults have every right to make the most of Halloween, but dressing up creatively without causing offense and acting responsibly when out celebrating can be elements of the night that make it more fun for everyone.

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