The Free Press, Mankato, MN


July 27, 2013

GOP primary change welcome

WHY IT MATTERS: Opening up the process to more people rather than select delegates improves chances of electable candidates in the general election


There are still candidates who will look for the party’s endorsement including Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson who told CR “I do believe that our best path to victory as Republicans is through the endorsement, as long as we can pick a candidate that has broad appeal to people who don’t consider themselves Republicans.”

And that’s the harder challenge. Strong influences dominate the character of the state’s Republican Party and those same people end up being delegates looking for like-minded candidates. The primary option gives a wider selection criteria and opens up the possibility of getting someone who has a broader appeal.

Let’s hope the primary option remains viable for the general election and gives the people of Minnesota a better voice in selecting their candidates.

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