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April 12, 2013

Our View: Gun filibuster by senators was bad form


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Thatcher leaves a profound legacy

To the legacy of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose courage and conviction in the face of persistent criticism in the 1980s turned an England careening toward weakness and irrelevancy toward economic recovery and confidence. Thatcher died Monday at the age of 87.

Even at her death, the "Iron Lady" was despised by some of her countrymen. But her accomplishments were profound. Whereas Winston Churchill rescued the British people from fear during the World War II years, Thatcher rescued them from economic paralysis a generation later.

Courageous leaders are hard to come by these days. Britain would do well to find another Thatcher.

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Dayton's town hall

To Gov. Mark Dayton's town hall meeting in North Mankato last week.

When governors venture out, particularly to Greater Minnesota, the events are often choreographed tours, meeting with selected local leaders, capped with a press conference.

But when Dayton went to South Central College in North Mankato he invited anyone from the public who wanted to come and 200 did.

For 90 minutes Minnesota Dayton took a wide variety of questions, from his views on frac sand mining moratoriums to highway funding. The governor answered honestly, sometimes agreeing with people and sometimes challenging their views.

It was a good, old-fashioned, democratic exchange of ideas and an opportunity for regular citizens to have face-to-face contact with the head of the state.

We hope he makes it a regular routine.  


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