The Free Press, Mankato, MN


April 13, 2013

Our View: Delay on state’s road plan is unfortunate


Dayton suggested the state borrow $45 million in local road and bridge construction. But in a stark underlining of how desperate the state situation is, transportation experts say the backlog of needed work is far larger.

If this is a good year for bonding because of low interest rates, the same could apply for transportation projects and maybe we shouldn’t discount that suggestion out of hand.

As far as a more comprehensive plan, the first thing we can suggest is to include safety as the prime consideration for future funding and that should take care of a portion of Highway 14 to which the governor said he was committed. We can dicker over the funding over the “corridors of commerce” later.

House Transportation Finance Chairman Frank Hornstein, DFL-Minneapolis, reacting to Dayton’s assertion that the gas tax had little public support, reportedly said he does not know whether that is true. But, he said, the state’s residents do want safe infrastructure and road repairs to happen. And we’re smart enough to know this can’t happen without adequate funding.

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