The Free Press, Mankato, MN


April 26, 2014

Our View: MSU black male program worthwhile


Cliven Bundy, the now infamous Nevada rancher and certified racist, garnered plenty of support in recent weeks as he fought the federal government. For years he’s been illegally grazing his cattle for free on federal land owned by the taxpayers. Court after court ruled he must pay grazing fees — as others do — or have his cattle confiscated.

Owing some $1 million in back grazing fees, Bundy and his supporters protested as federal officials tried to round up his cattle, with officials calling it off for fear of violence.

Bundy drew support from some Republican members of Congress and other conservatives. But those supporters fled when Bundy this week gave a rambling speech, saying, “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro” and went on to say he wondered if they were better off as slaves.

Politicians should know better than to idolize a criminal and nut case in an attempt to curry some political favor. Sadly, many do not have a clue.

Marathon runners took high road

Thumbs up to the 32,000 some runners who participated in this year’s Boston Marathon in a show of support for victims of last year’s bombing and to signal that terrorists will not have any power over one of America’s premier athletic events.

Several Mankato area runners participated and most echoed the sentiments of the thousands of other runners. They had a reason to run beyond the race. Some ran to honor the victims, and many wore bibs carrying victim names. Some ran to show America can come back “Boston-Strong” from tragedies.

It was an extraordinary show of American endurance and pride and spirit that helps us all remember the special place we live.

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