The Free Press, Mankato, MN


August 22, 2013

Our View: Summer wanes, be ready

Why It Matters: The calendar's relentless march is carrying us past another precious summer.

Summertime, and the living is easy. But come this time of August, those easy days are dwindling fast.

Summer isn’t merely a season. It’s a state of mind, of vacations and relaxation, a pattern no doubt rooted in the rhythms of agriculture. The work of planting in the spring, the labor of harvest in the autumn — and the summer months a time to let it go and let it grow.

The summer state of mind ends at different times for different people. For the literal minded, summer ends with the equinox, which is still a month away. For the school child, summer ends when school begins. For at least one sportswriter on our staff, summer ended when the Vikings reported to training camp last month.

But whatever demarcation one prefers, the end is nigh. The state fair opens today. The walnut trees are beginning to shed leaves. The evening shadows are growing just a bit longer just a bit earlier.

All days are precious, of course, but Minnesota summer days feel a bit more precious than others. And so as we feel another summer slipping past, we also feel the urgency to squeeze just a bit more out of it. One more trip to the lake. One more grilling party. One more walk in the park amid the glowing fireflies.

It’s easy to procrastinate in the summertime — until you realize the time to enjoy it is almost past.

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