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April 19, 2013

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Politics isn't patty-cake

To Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who accused President Obama of taking the "low road" when he criticized lawmakers who voted against key provisions of gun control legislation.

"When good and honest people have honest differences of opinion about what policies the country should pursue about gun rights ... the president of the United States should not accuse them of having no coherent arguments or of caving to pressure," Cornyn said.

The truth is, politicians cave into pressure all the time. And while it's true that gun control critics may certainly have defensible reasons for voting against more background checks and bans on assault weapons, that isn't the point. Politics is a tough business. Tough words are typically used on both sides of an argument, and especially when the issue is so emotional as gun control.

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Young volunteers are heroes

I was honored to speak at the Minnesota State University "Colleges Against Cancer" Relay For Life. It was a privilege to meet so many young volunteers.

They were so polite, so caring and so committed to the fight against cancer.

They are all heroes because their efforts save lives.

Jim Tessien


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