The Free Press, Mankato, MN


December 29, 2012

Our View: This paper’s resolutions for 2013

News media are often maligned for what their critics say is pushing an agenda — whether a liberal agenda (as with mainstream media) or conservative agenda (as in the case of Fox News).  We embrace the notion of accepting the fact that we have an agenda and believe that with transparency of that agenda you can understand our motivations.

News media have never been merely “mirrors” reflecting the news of the day. We are chroniclers, diarists, analyzers and sometimes interpreters of events that have become complex or hidden because of the din of irrelevant noise.

Professionally, we strive to be fair, recognizing that we have filters but working to overcome those filters. Internally, this newspaper is motivated by what it feels is important and needed in our communities. You, as a discerning consumer of news, should recognize that filter and challenge our work when you feel we are overstepping our bounds.

We are upfront with our bias recognizing we do not have a “political” bias other than expecting our politicians and the parties from which they come to be honest in their dealings. You may not agree with our bias, our agenda, but at least you will know our motivations. To that end, we submit our news “agenda” for 2013, which really isn’t that much different from what it has been of late.

Our “resolutions” for the coming year are to continue being aggressive in holding our public officials accountable, regardless of political affiliation. We will shine the light on areas in our communities that we — and you — feel deserve attention.

We will more closely monitor the state Legislature and executive branch now that one party holds the balance of power.

We will become more engaged with our readers and our communities to help us better understand the personal effects our fast-paced environment can have on individuals, family and time-honored traditions.

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