The Free Press, Mankato, MN


May 3, 2013

Our View: Move ahead on closing Gitmo


Lawyers representing the detainees are pushing for this option, saying Congress can still step in but some of the transfers could be carried out in a couple of weeks.

The Washington Post reports that Obama may appoint a senior State Department official to oversee transfer of detainees and review status of others being held without charge. That would seem to be a good start.

Obama needs to bite the bullet on this one. He needs to take decisive action to get this process going and be willing to take the political fallout.

The situation has become intolerable. The country that espouses freedom at every turn and files a report from its own State Department every year chastising others for unjust imprisonment will lose its credibility in this arena should Guantanamo be allowed to stay open. Four years is already too long.

Factchecking organizations rightly claim that this is a campaign promise Obama is failing to keep. Obama has options. He just has to have the political courage to take them.

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