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November 9, 2012

Our View: Adult basic education makes a difference


Bachmann said she’ll focus on her job with a “laser-like” precision, meaning perhaps she’ll focus less on burnishing her national image and more on concentrating on her district’s needs. If she also works on limiting her provocative remarks, she may be able to grow back her shrinking base of support.


North Mankato wise to look closely at Marigold

Thumbs up: To the North Mankato City Council for doing its due diligence on the proposed Marigold apartment complex.

The proposed six-story, 108-unit upscale apartment project would sit off of Belgrade Avenue along Wheeler Avenue. Neighbors in the area are worried about the size of the building and others raise concerns about the city’s financial risk by being involved in subsidizing the project.

The city’s Planning Commission chose to make no recommendation to the City Council on whether a higher-than-allowed building should be approved. The city’s Port Authority approved subsidizing the project.

The council was wise to not take a hasty vote on the project and instead tabled it. They will seek more detailed information and mull over residents’ concerns before taking a vote — a smart move for such a major decision. 


Compromise part of both parties’ vocabulary

Thumbs up: It may be too soon to get too optimistic about the end to political gridlock in Washington, D.C., but early indications from President Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner suggest a positive tone toward upcoming negotiations to prevent the dreaded “fiscal cliff.”

Two days after Obama won re-election, he said he would be inviting leaders in Congress to The White House next week to begin discussions on how to prevent the automatic tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to take effect Jan. 1.

While Obama said his re-election win meant most Americans agree that the balanced approach with more revenue from wealthy individuals is the way to help solve the deficit, he said he was open to compromise. Likewise, Boehner said while the Republican Party was not really going to be for increases in “tax rates” they were open to new revenue ideas.

But we want to encourage the negotiations and bipartisan compromise and we give both leaders credit for a willingness to take the problem seriously, soon and ultimately solve it.

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