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November 16, 2012

Our View: Citizens worked to improve river health


Editorial board


Great job on road project

Thumbs up: A short time ago, Minnesota Department of Transportation undertook a major road construction on Highway 22 south of Mankato. This was the project that closed the highway for a week.

This project had a large impact not only on property that I own, but also the Le Sueur River. I was greatly concerned about the impact on the river and as well as my property, so I wanted to be involved in the planning and implementation of this project.

Many times government agencies are called bureaucracies or get tagged with other condescending names. It was great to know that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and MnDOT worked together to limit the harmful impact on the environment.

I wanted to write this note to publicly say thank you to their Mankato offices. During this construction process I was treated with honor and respect. The staff truly cared about how their project would impact my property and the surrounding area

I also wanted to say thank you to the company that did the construction work. I was truly impressed with this company at every level. They were true professionals. What a great team they have assembled. They also truly cared about how this project would impact my property and the surrounding area.

To Mathiowetz Construction Company, from the bottom on my heart I would like to say thank you.

Eugene R. Braam



Teen’s generosity shows youth character

Thumbs up: After watching a recent play, the three of us went to Perkins for a late night snack.

The restaurant was unusually busy with an unexpected group of about 40 high schoolers.

As we were getting ready to pay our bill, a young lady from the group put a gift certificate on our table. She said, “I want you to have this, there’s $9 left on it.”

Shocked, I asked why. She replied, “I wanted to do something nice.”

A lot of people criticize our younger generation. This was proved wrong.

I want to thank this young lady. It was completely unnecessary but a very nice thought.

Lola Lemcke


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