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Election 2012

October 6, 2012

District 24: Jensen, Swedin seek Parry’s Senate seat



He would push in the near term for targeted tax credits for businesses that create jobs while working toward broader improvements in the overall Minnesota tax climate.

Swedin strongly opposes any tax increases, including Dayton’s plan for higher rates for top incomes.

The state’s problem is excessive spending, and higher taxes would only encourage more, he said: “That spend-more policy can really get us in trouble, like the federal government.”

Swedin doesn’t offer specific spending cuts that he would support, saying only that he would target duplication in government programs and take education off the table for any budget reductions.

Taxing high earners also can cause reductions in charitable support that wealthier Minnesotans would otherwise provide, he said. If higher taxes provide a boost to programs for the poor, but the taxes force down contributions to institutions such as local food shelves, the poor are no better off, Swedin said.

“What happens if all we’re doing is taxing high-income earners from giving,” he said. “What did we solve?”

While he might share some policy positions with the Republican senator he hopes to succeed, Swedin said he would bring a different style to the Capitol. And he’s confident that senators from all political perspectives can share one goal.

“I don’t like to be adversarial,” he said. “... We have to make sure our 67 senators are focused on the same priority — good-paying local jobs.”

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Election 2012