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May 1, 2009

11 pitchers (gasp)

When Jason Bartlett's home run landed on Monday, I suddenly had two insights that, frankly, should have occurred sooner:

1) Juan Morillo, despite his extreme talent, is not ready to help a contending team; and

2) since every team in baseball worse than the Twins had already passed on him when Colorado put him on waivers, the Twins could probably get him through as well.

Those insights may have come to the Twins front office at about the same time. The Twins today (Friday) sent Morillo outright to Rochester to open roster space for Joe Mauer. That means Morillo had to clear waivers, which, I believe, takes three days. And the Twins probably would have made the move on Thursday had Morillo cleared waivers by then. Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday ... Bartlett's homer might have been the decision-maker. (One assumes that Bartlett wasn't tipped off by a Twins infielder, as A-Rod is alleged to have done in similar circumstances.)

This move leaves the Twins with three active catchers, one of whom (Mike Redmond) has been essentially inactive for the last week with a bum shoulder and another of whom (Joe Mauer) was been on the DL all of April. Three catchers is generally one too many, but over the short haul, it makes sense.

Eventually Jesse Crain will return — perhaps as early as Sunday, although that's apparently supposed to be Mauer's day off on a start-two-days, rest-one-day schedule — and when that happens, a decision on who's the backup catcher will have to be made.

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