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April 11, 2013

State superhero: Local artists, musicians collaborate on 'Gravitone, the Musical'



Gustavus Adolphus instructor John Rezmerski will provide a unique twist to the play, as he will provide poetic backdrops and insights into the character’s thoughts in lieu of a narrator.

“I wrote the script and got a hold of (Rezmerski) to write poetry for the intros of the scenes,” Abbott said. “It’s a little unusual to combine the music, script and poetry, but we thought that instead of having a narrator, we would have a poet give us the background.”

On the surface, “What’s the Matter with Captain Gravitone?” seems like a marriage of the “Three Stooges” and Adam West’s “Batman.” However, there is an underlying message the audience can take away from it.

“(Gravitone) has the superpower of making people think about what they choose,” Abbott said. “Like choosing a carrot over Cheetos, or shopping locally, rather than the (big-box chain stores). The overriding point of the play is for people to make better decisions.”

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