The Free Press, Mankato, MN


April 11, 2014

Revilwen revs up on new EP, 'The Script'

Release party Saturday at What's Up Lounge

For a band that plays loud, the Mankato hard rock five-piece Revilwen has been kind of quiet lately.

But after a short break from regular gigging last year and nearly four years since the release of 2010's "Follow the Money," Revilwen is ready to turn the volume back up during a release party for its latest effort on Saturday at the What's Up Lounge.

"Honestly, I don't think any of us are ready to give up the band," vocalist Jeff Zimmerman said. "We enjoy playing together and we're still writing good music."

The evidence is on display for the band's third-ever release, "The Script," a four-track EP recorded earlier this year in guitarist Ryan Frederick's home studio.

Collectively, the tracks showcase a band that is comfortable in its own style. Melding characteristics of punk, metal and industrial, Revilwen extends its reputation for catchy guitar riffs and poetic, if sometimes growling, lyrical content.

The opening track, "Embrace the Fall," recounts the experience of a small-town girl who concedes a part of herself as she chases her dreams in Hollywood. As a restrained Zimmerman sings, "So beautiful/So diseased/So confused by these magazines," the guitars pause before helping Zimmerman deliver the knockout punch (and the inspiration for the EP's title): "You played the script/At what cost?/You sold your soul/You lost."

Throughout the recording, Revilwen continues to develop its penchant for injecting moments of breathability into an otherwise unrelenting pace. On "Just Breathe," drummer Ryan McKeown — who is typically the band's arranger but, on this track, also wrote the guitar riffs — fills out the pauses with cracking drum fills.

"At first, we were all about how loud we could make it," Zimmerman said. "Now, we try to be a little more balanced and feel the groove."

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