The Free Press, Mankato, MN


August 12, 2009

Tommy Dreamer talks family

WWE SmackDown/ECW SummerSlam Tour comes to Mankato

Last week, headed up to an amusement park called Dinosaur World with his twin 5-year-old girls, Thomas Laughlin took a few minutes to talk about his alter ego, Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer is a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler who has been in the business about 20 years. He’s been a 14-time Hardcore Champion while wrestling with the WWE. And he won the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) title this year, reclaiming the title nine years after he won it the first time with the original ECW. Which makes him the only wrestler with the title in both the original ECW and the WWE brand.

All of that remains important to Dreamer outside of the ring, in his everyday life. But Dreamer is really two guys, he said. When he’s at home, he’s the family man, spending as much time as he can with daughters Kimberly and Briana.

“(When I’m home), I don’t want anything to do with wrestling,” said Laughlin, who will perform at the WWE Presents SmackDown/ECW SummerSlam Tour show Saturday at the Alltel Center. “There’s two different sides of me when I’m wrestling and when I’m not.”

Of course, these two sides often cross over. Last week, for example, Dreamer was nursing a puncture wound on his arm. Christian, a wrestler who is one of Dreamer’s closest friends and favorite wrestling partners, hit him in the arm with a crutch and the screw bolt went into his tricep. At the time, he wasn’t sure if he could move his arm, but he finished the match anyway.

“I am feeling it today,” he said.

Other injuries have included a broken neck and back, a nose broken four times and 17 broken fingers, “which stinks because I only have 10,” he said. He’s also torn his pec and bicep and crushed his heel. Although he considers himself lucky to never have had surgery.

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