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July 10, 2014

Printmaker duo featured in Carnegie summer show

MANKATO — Two printmakers who studied art in Mankato are showing works in Carnegie Art Center’s last exhibit of the 2014 summer season.

Vincenzio Donatelle, a recent graduate of Minnesota State University, possesses the creative enthusiasm of an emerging artist while Donald Depuydt has for decades honed his skills in the traditional processes of lithography.

“We’ve got the young guy and we’ve got the veteran and that’s makes for a very strong exhibit,” said Janet Husak, program coordinator.

Area native Depuydt has been teaching printmaking for more than 20 years at Northern Virginia Community College’s Loudoun campus in Sterling, Va.

Depuydt’s works are displayed in the Hope Cook Gallery, a space named for the printmaking instructor he studied with while a student at Mankato State University.

In describing the works displayed at the Carnegie, Depuydt said they are combinations of figurative and architectural references with intuitive mark-marking, in hopes of striking a balance between control, structure and spontaneity.

Today is an exciting time to be a printmaker, thanks to computer technology that can aid artists in their creative efforts.

“Art is about change,” Depuydt said. However, artist shouldn’t risk losing what is equally wonderful — the more traditional techniques.

“Rules are to be broken, but you need to know what the rules are,” he said.

Donatelle, 22, graduated in December from Minnesota State University. His minor was in studio arts, with a focus on printmaking. Last fall, he had a solo show at The 410 Project in Mankato.

“Printmaker” can be used to describe Donatelle. However, his art lately has been taking some new turns.

“I find I am using printmaking as a tool for producing art in general, not just for producing prints,” he said.

Last week, he put up two large installations in the Rotunda Gallery and Fireplace Room spaces at the Carnegie. Several of his smaller works are displayed on the gallery’s walls.

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