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August 1, 2013

Reckless at RibFest: Mankato native's band playing annual festival of music and meat

Mankato native's talented, young band performing for annual festival of meat and music


But, according to Sandersfeld, it’s not themselves who helped themselves create the final product. Over those eight months of grueling work, recording in multiple places – one of which was makeshift studio in a Shakopee basement – the band was assisted and guided by Scott Maas of SMProductions, a music entity based in Mankato.

“Like 95 percent of the recording process was through Scott,” Sandersfeld said. “[Everything] Scott recorded, edited, mixed and mastered.”

The debut album includes lyrics that dwell on the relationships people have with each other, and how neglected they may become. The theme also provided the band's name as The Reckless is a reference to acting reckless toward people we know.

“Sometimes we tend to overlook what we have," Sandersfels said.

This lyrical messages,as well as the band's ambitious musicianship, are what Sandersfeld pitches to booking agents and venue managers. Instead of having their own band manager, Sandersfeld is the man behind all the grunt work. He said he's constantly making calls and researching every avenue for the growth of his band.

“In music if you want to be successful you have to be an entrepreneur," he said. "Networking, talking to people – it’s a business. [With music] the more you age, the more you develop that niche.”

If You Go What RibFest When Today through Sunday Where Riverfront Park Admission $5, tickets available at gate only. Admission on Sunday is free. Musical lineup Today -- Devon Worley Band, Rocket Club, Blackhawk; Friday -- The Reckless, Leogun, Everclear; Saturday -- Barefoot Winos, The Murphy Brothers, Powerhouse, Arch Allies, Loverboy; Sunday -- City Mouse, Mary Jane Alm Band.

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