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September 6, 2013

Wee Kids Theater hosting biblical interpretation set in Wild West for biennial production

Biennial childrens farm theater hosting biblical interpretation set in Wild West

During the summer of 2004, Wee Kids Theater started out as a simple puppet play production designed to be a Christmas present for the parents of Kait and Chuck Klammer’s grandchildren.

The production was title, “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” and its theme consisted of the idea that you are the most perfect gift you can give.

“We constructed a theater in our basement that would hold up to 30 people,” Kait said. “The puppet theater itself was gigantic. It had four different windows and each grandchild operated two different puppets at the same time; however, the play called for more puppet roles than there were hands available.”

The children recruited a few friends and their parents fill out the extra puppets — Benny and Renee Schroeder, in particular. The Schroeders also happened to be sound and light technicians. While the Schroeders helped to glitz up the performance with microphones and specialized lighting, the children began constructing their stage from the ground up.

“We ended up doing three performances that year — one for their parents, a grandfather's 60th birthday performance and one performance for whoever came over,” Kait said. “From that point on, our puppet theater morphed into the beginnings of Wee Kids Theater.”

The following summer of 2005, Kait took her grandchildren to the Lighthouse, where they found their next production, “Mayhem in Bethlehem.” The cast for this play consisted of around 15children.

“I remember telling them that if they could round up enough children for the cast, we’d do the production,” Kait said. “That was when my husband said, ‘I tell you what: If they can get 15 kids together, I’ll make them a theater out in my machine shed.’ So the children rounded up the kids, Chuck built the theater, and the Schroeders came back to help with the lighting and microphones.”

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