The Free Press, Mankato, MN


May 10, 2013

Record making

MANKATO -- Pressing vinyl ain't cheap. Especially for a local punk band with families, jobs and more practical ways to spend thousands of dollars.

Still, the Old Towne Ghosts shared a dream.

The members of the hard-driving punk band that has won a loyal following since it emerged in 2007 have always wanted to press a vinyl record. That desire arose, in part, from their shared nostalgia for the antiquated but beloved media format, and partly because of the band's desire to stake some of their musical legacy to accomplishing something that has become a genuine rarity among local bands: releasing a true vinyl record.

Yet, none of them (save drummer Jason Knudson) had ever worked with vinyl.

Now, a full year and a successful Kickstarter campaign later, the band is ready to release a 12-inch EP during a release party on Saturday at the What's Up Lounge. The A-side will have six new original tracks and the B-side will feature an exclusive silkscreen print from Aaron Horkey, a Minnesota-born artist who's gained national recognition for intricately detailed creations that are steeped in the visual nomenclature of alternative art and music.

The packaging and jackets of the record are packed with extras and Knudson said about 200 will be available for sale to the public. Horkey's artwork premiers today on as well as Old Towne Ghost's Facebook page.

"All of us have been in other bands, and the only thing we've released are tapes and CDs," Knudson said. "We wanted to do something extra special, just to say we did it. This is a dream for all of us."

The dream began to take shape last fall when the Old Towne Ghosts took to Kickstarter to attempt a $1,750 fundraising effort. Within weeks, supporters pledged nearly $5,000 on the crowd-sourcing website.

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