The Free Press, Mankato, MN


May 19, 2013

Rosaline's eyes


I found out that the medication that rids worms from somebody’s system for six months is only about $10! It seems like a no-brainer to just treat your children for a whole year with a $20 bill. But there are three main problems. One, the average Haitian makes $2 a day. Two, many people don’t even know about parasites. And three, you usually need a doctor’s prescription to access this medication. It angers me that this simple $10 chewable tablet is so hard for the Haitian population to obtain. And not only Rosaline needed this medication, but almost every single child I saw in Haiti needed it, too. That is what is so devastating.

I found my answer in the form of telling Rosaline’s story and asking for support. I started a fundraiser called ‘Parasites Suck’ at It was our plan that a couple of college friends of mine and Dr. Annette Bosworth, co-founder of Preventive Health Strategies, would come down to Haiti on a spring break medical mission trip. If I could raise money for these parasite medications before the trip, Dr. Bosworth could distribute them to as many people as possible at our daily clinics. So my friends and I joined together and raised over $2,000 from online and personal donations. I was touched by the hearts of those who cared as much as I did and directly contributed to bringing life back into a child. We treated over 400 children for parasites that week, and my ‘Parasites Suck’ fundraiser paid for almost half of those medications. You can donate to this fundraiser at any time to buy more medications to treat even more children.

One of the coolest moments of my life thus far was witnessing Rosaline receive this medication. I was overcome with so many beautiful emotions. It was life changing to see my goal actually be put into action. We now visit Rosaline and her community quite often, and I fall more in love with all of the kids each time. My spirit soars knowing that every time we visit for the next six months, parasites will no longer be a problem for everyone at that school. They can focus more, they can learn better, they can feel healthier, and they can maintain nourishment.

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