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February 24, 2014

Mankato doctor part of stroke study

Research focused on 'very large' strokes


They found that not all patients were really at high risk of mortality. Using clinical criteria and imaging, they were able to determine which ones were. Then, using set of standardized protocols, they were able to improve the outcomes of those who were at high risk.

Finally, on the issue of surgery, Chyatte's research group found that, "When we examined surgery, there was a positive trend in reducing mortality in this group of patients.”

Currently there are guidelines set up, but not a clearly stated set of protocols. Chyatte said he hopes their research prompts hospitals to look at their findings and consider adopting them.

The study included 20 hospitals and screened about 5,000 patients. Of those, they found 66 had these large strokes. Of those, 40 agreed to participate in the study. Chyatte began his work with group in 2005.

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