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June 23, 2013

Concussion's effect can last longer


About 80 percent to 90 percent of concussion symptoms resolve within 7 to 10 days. When symptoms persist well beyond the expected time frame, they fall into a category known as post-concussion syndrome.

Immediately after a concussion -- for the first 24 to 72 hours -- rest is the cornerstone of treatment. Once the initial symptoms go away and, if used, computerized test results are within an acceptable range, a physician determines whether it's safe to begin a step-by-step return to an exercise program. If a patient can go through those steps without symptoms, a return to full activity may be possible.

In the case of your grandson, it seems his initial symptoms never cleared and left him in what's known as a post-concussive state. He should consider consulting with a neurologist or a sports medicine physician who specializes in concussion management.

Several therapies may be useful. He may benefit from a type of therapy called vestibular rehabilitation, which would help him work on his vision, balance and hearing. A consultation with an expert in psychology, as well as cognitive rehabilitation, may help him manage the mental slowness and emotional impact of his injury. This is particularly significant because some research has shown a correlation between concussions and depression.

Research currently is ongoing regarding the way exercise may be used in treating post-concussion syndrome. But for people in this situation, exercise should always be done under the direction of a physician.

Each person responds differently to a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion. Therefore treatment must be individualized. It is important for your grandson to find a concussion expert who can help him create a treatment plan that fits his unique needs. -- Jennifer Maynard, M.D., Family Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Fla.

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