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May 19, 2013

Many uses for epsom salt


Make grapevine wreaths: Grapevine wreaths are available in varying sizes at most craft stores, but you can make your own if you have access to a grapevine.

Cut the vines from the plant as soon as the grapes have been picked and/or before first frost.

Cut long lengths so you can wrap long, continuous coils. Snip off remaining leaves.

You can leave the little curlicues on for a nice effect on finished wreaths. If vines dry out and crack or break while wrapping, soak in water overnight.

If you won’t be able to wrap them right after cutting, coil them into a laundry basket, bucket or large tub.

Then if soaking is needed, you can pour water right into the tub, and the vines will already have a coiled shape.

Begin your coil with the thickest end of one vine. Coil it into a circle a little smaller than you want your finished wreath to be. Use a short piece of wire to tie the first coil securely while you continue wrapping.

Wrap one entire length, twining the vine in and out around itself. Begin wrapping the next vine in a different spot and wrap in and out in the opposite direction.

Keep adding vines until the wreath is as thick as you want it.

If needed, tie a short length of wire around the wreath at intervals to secure vines together. I like to wrap my vines fairly loosely.

This leaves me room to weave ribbons in and out of the vines easily, which adds a nice dimensional effect.

I use wild grape vines to make my wreaths. -- Peterson, Pennsylvania

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