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September 6, 2012

Weed pollens have allergies flaring up



This season’s weather, some have speculated, may have contributed to the severity of allergy season. But Ramanuja says the year we’re seeing is typical, whether people think it’s worse or not.

Turbes said she’s never been clinically diagnosed. But she’s seen enough people in her family who have been. She’s pretty sure she’s got what they’ve got.

“I know seasonal allergies when I see them, feel them, hear them,” she said. “I’d say the symptoms have worsened in the last four to five years.”

For as long as there is warm weather, hay fever sufferers will continue to, well, suffer. Roughly 20 percent of the population suffers from nasal allergies.

“It can be something that can affect quality of life and can account for absences from school or work if not well contained,” Ramanuja said.

If someone is suffering from allergies has never seen a doctor about it, Ramanuja recommends starting with a primary care physician. Also, at any time, anyone can book an appointment with an allergist.

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