The future of healthcare starts today

For many Americans, the topic of health care can be murky, confusing and even a little unsettling. Political factors, insurance reform, technological advancements, the rising cost of pharmaceuticals and physician shortages are all factors that contribute to this uncertainty. Although each of these topics has played a role in defining the current state of health care, we need to begin focusing on a deeper, more fundamental view of health care that will lead us to a future that provides an enhanced experience for patients and their families, ensures high-quality care with every medical encounter and mitigates the growing cost of health care across the country. This future state can be achieved, but only if we embrace a shift in how we as patients seek care and how we as providers deliver that care. 

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A new me: Teacher becomes student

It’s sometimes said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

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To improve your health, practice gratitude

Ever wish there were a magic pill you could take to boost your energy levels, improve your mood, help you sleep better, increase your kindness and even help you make more money? Unfortunately, no such pill exists, but there is a way you can reap these benefits — without a visit to the doctor's office.

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