The Free Press, Mankato, MN

December 26, 2011

Returning to the stores an annual ritual

The Free Press

MANKATO — Brian Buck had about the most logical reason of all for being in Target returns line Monday.

“I got elected to do this because I was the one coming into Mankato,” the Mankato-area man said, holding a package of DVDs of the HBO television series “True Blood.”

His daughter received it as a gift, but already had it. So, as is often the case with dads, he was called into action to brave the retail jungle. And he wasn’t alone.

All over town, all over Minnesota, all over America, millions of people used the day after Christmas to head right back out the malls to take care of an unfortunate ritual most families find themselves performing each year.

Either the pants are a size too small, or the shoes aren’t the right color, or, such as the case in the Buck household, the gift amounted to redundant generosity.

But it’s not just gift returners who fill the stores Dec. 26. In addition to having a fully functioning return counter, many stores were ready with clearance and post-Christmas sales.

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