The Free Press, Mankato, MN

August 15, 2013

DFL sweep showed area voters are smart

---- — I’m writing in response to the Bob Jentges’ letter-to the editor published Aug. 10. He makes a fact-free proclamation that opinions in The Free Press seem to be getting closer to political demographics?

It was as if he seeks confederates in a perverted line of thinking by conjuring a sycophant following. He seems insecure, but thrilled by political conservative “activity?”

Well, I suggest Jentges consult the Minnesota Secretary of State website about those “few” local tax-spend academics and “sycophant federal bureaucrats.”

If Jentges had bothered to research the facts, he would have noted that the DFL swept all legislative seats for the Mankato/North Mankato areas. DFL candidates Kathy Sheran, Kathy Brynaert, Terry Morrow, and Clark Johnson were all elected as state legislators. All won by decisive margins. In addition, Tim Walz won by a 15.2 percent margin.

The coercive marriage and voter ID amendments were defeated by decisive margins. Mankato area residents voted for President Obama and Sen. Amy Klobuchar by decisive margins.

Considering this total DFL sweep, I suppose Jentges would next rationalize it as a preponderance of academics and federal bureaucrats. I choose to think of it as smart voters.

Jentges’ quote from Milton Friedman, was from one of the fathers of discredited and destructive supply-side economics. I guess he was looking to bat “1000” and be wrong throughout. If he wishes to create sycophants, he should earn them by endeavoring to be accurate.

Dan Conner

North Mankato