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January 14, 2010

Your View: Walz should vote as his constituents desire

A recent Free Press article noted that Rep. Tim Walz doesn’t “dispute that a majority of Americans are opposed to the (health care) bill or at least highly skeptical.”

Now, let me get this straight: We elected Walz to represent us, we pay his salary through our rising taxes, and yet he is planning to vote against our wishes. How can that be? Does he not understand what his title means? A “representative” is to act in the stead of another.

The article then goes on to quote Walz: “The day after we pass it, the sun will rise.” Now, I can take that in two ways. One, a sarcastic “the health care bill won’t be the end of the world”, which isn’t very encouraging. Or the other, that the light bulb will suddenly go on in the minds of us foolish doubters and we will suddenly understand the glory that is Obamacare.

If this bill is so wonderful, why is the bill and its debate being hidden?

2010 is an election year. It’s time to elect someone who will truly represent the wishes of the majority of the constituents.


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